Water Restoration

Water Restoration

Quick Water Damage Restoration Services in South Lyon, Michigan

Water Damage Restoration in South Lyon MI | X-Treme Steam - water-restoration-basementX-Treme Steam’s technicians are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and equipment to handle the largest and smallest water damage projects.

At X-Treme Steam, we specialize in reversing the effects of water damage due to problems like faulty plumbing, flooding, fire and storms. We also provide professional and effective mold remediation services and have restored many homes and businesses to pre-loss conditions, aiding homeowners and business owners alike to reclaim their property. When your home or office has been affected by an emergency situation involving water, we understand that it can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Choose experts that are certified in water restoration and advanced structural drying. Choose X-Treme Steam!

Basement Flood? We Offer Wet Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Plus Antimicrobial & Sanitizing Treatments

In the aftermath of a basement flood, it is important to act quickly to limit the damage to your carpet. X-Treme Steam offers just such quick solutions, including:

  • Cleaning & Drying - We clean all dirt, debris and other forms of contamination out of your waterlogged carpet and then dry out all the water to limit the potential for water damage.
  • Sanitizing Treatments - We use antimicrobial treatments to kill mold spores, bacteria colonies and other small organisms that can take root in a flooded carpet. This further reduces the damage while lowering the risk of foul smells and sanitation issues.
  • Water Restoration - If your carpet has already become damaged in the time it takes to get to you, we will restore it to pristine condition.

Responding quickly to basement floods not only protects your carpet, but also your entire house. By drying the carpet and killing microorganisms, we prevent mold and bacteria from spreading to your walls and other parts of the building.

Restoring Your Flooring: Carpet Water Damage Repair in South Lyon  

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean and beautiful, the simplest threats are often the most serious. Water damage is a powerful example of how seemingly minor issues can destroy your flooring. Over time, moisture can loosen the fibers in your carpet while making it easier for mold, mildew and bacteria to spread. Before you know it, a priceless carpet will be ruined!

X-Treme Steam offers an effective solution to even the most serious cases of water damage. Through professional wet carpet restoration, we can restore compromised carpets to their original strength and color. We also offer wet carpet cleaning and antimicrobial treatments to prevent water exposure from damaging your carpet in the first place. Operating out of South Lyon, we help Metro Detroit home and business owners keep their carpets in good condition for the long haul.

Fast & Affordable Water Damage Restoration in South Lyon

As with many home cleaning efforts, the sooner we begin restoring compromised carpets, the better our chances are of completely reversing the damage. For this reason, our team never hesitates to begin cleaning and fixing waterlogged carpeting. As soon as you request our help, we will assess the extent of the problem, determine what tools are necessary to solve it and get to restoring! By responding quickly and decisively, we not only limit the total amount of damage to your carpet, but also make it easier to restore, allowing us to do the job more quickly and affordably.

Prevent Carpet Mold & Mildew with a Professional Carpet Dry-Out & Deep Cleaning

Keeping your carpets dry is the single most important thing you can do to prevent mold and mildew, which is why our team prioritizes dry-out services above all others. No matter where your carpet is or how it became wet, our skilled professionals are always available to remove every last drop of moisture.

For immediate water damage restoration services for your home or office building, contact the team at X-Treme Steam today!
Love X-Treme Steam!! They came out and thoroughly cleaned our carpet, couches, cushions, and decorative pillows. I feel like everything is new again, I can't believe how great everything looks! As an added bonus, the products are all eco-friendly so I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals around the kids! - Katie A.* | Read More Testimonials play_circle_filled
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