Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Comprehensive Power Washing Services in South Lyon, Michigan

Pressure & Power Washing Services South Lyon MI | X-Treme Steam - pressure-washingPressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your home’s value and a good way of preventing cost, time and trouble of future repairs. 

Are you looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal and have the exteriors that your neighbors will envy? Let the team at X-Treme Steam help! We offer cold and hot water pressure washing depending on your needs - we can also vacuum the run-off water so it does not run into the storm drain! 

From Decks to Walkways to Patios: Concrete Cleaning/Washing in South Lyon  

From removing large stains to touching up your outdoor surfaces, power washing is one of the most effective cleaning methods on the market. The high pressure and heat of the water stream can wash away even the most serious dirt and stain problems. Since this method uses few chemicals, there is little risk of damage to your surfaces or the surrounding environment.

As the leading provider of pressure washing services in South Lyon and the Metro Detroit area, X-Treme Steam cleans every variety of outdoor surface, keeping your home or business spotless.

Reliable Power Washing Services from South Lyon’s Trusted Professionals

X-Treme Steam has extensive experience throughout Southeast Michigan and has cleaned a wide array of items with our pressure washing services including: 

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Decks 
  • Pool Areas
  • and More!

No matter how your surfaces are shaped or what the surrounding environment is like, we will be able to find a solution that leaves it spotless without wasting water. We also take care to protect the surrounding environment, ensuring that you never have to choose between a clean surface and the future of the earth.

We Blast Away Rust & Oil Stains from Your Driveway in Minutes!

X-Treme Steam can handle even the most serious oil and rust issues, thanks to our reliance on:

  • High Pressure - We spray water at a pressure of 2,500 pounds per square inch. Such high pressure can loosen and remove even the most deeply ingrained bits of oil and rust, restoring the original color of the surface.
  • High Heat - Depending on your surface and the seriousness of the stain, we can heat our stream of water to as much as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This melts away oil that has hardened on the driveway while also killing bacteria, mold and other potential threats.

The sooner we wash away rust and oil, the easier removing it is and the better our chances of completely eliminating every last trace of it will be. For this reason, we encourage you to report rust and oil problems as soon as you find them so that we can immediately get to work on removal.

Remove Stains & Mildew from Your Walkway, Patio, Deck, Pool Area or Furniture with High Powered Pressure Washing

Mildew and stains affect virtually every outdoor surface, and the longer you leave them there, the more it will affect the appearance of your items. Mildew is especially serious, as it can eat away at your chairs and surfaces, eventually forcing you to replace them. With power washing services from X-Treme Steam, you can stop the spread of mildew in its tracks. 

Our team strives to wash away every mildew spore, along with any mold, dirt, debris, oil or other contaminants. To request an estimate, contact X-Treme Steam today! 
Love X-Treme Steam!! They came out and thoroughly cleaned our carpet, couches, cushions, and decorative pillows. I feel like everything is new again, I can't believe how great everything looks! As an added bonus, the products are all eco-friendly so I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals around the kids! - Katie A.* | Read More Testimonials play_circle_filled
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