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Tile And Grout Cleaning

Thorough Tile & Grout Cleaning Services from Certified Professionals in South Lyon, MI

Tile and Grout Cleaning in South Lyon MI | Xtreme Steam - tile-groutLet our team achieve the spotless floors you’ve been looking for!

Tiles are less vulnerable to damage or discoloration than carpets or even wood flooring, as moisture and dust cannot penetrate their hard surfaces. However, mold and mildew can still grow on top, spreading disease and staining the tiles and their grout. Likewise, many oils and liquids can leave stains and spread bacteria. X-Treme Steam offers comprehensive grout and tile cleaning in the Metro Detroit area, allowing your home or business to avoid mold and moisture issues.

South Lyon’s #1 Choice for Tile & Grout Cleaning

X-Treme Steam is known throughout the Metro Detroit area for providing reliable, effective hard floor cleaning. Whether your tiles are facing oil, water, mold or mildew, we will have an effective cleaning method ready for you.

What We Do:

  • High pressure, 240-degree steam that ensures optimum cleaning 
  • Sealed grout lines
  • Ability to clean anything from floors to shower walls and even concrete floors
  • Eco-friendly solutions, safe for your family and pets!
  • Safe movement of furniture and supplies to ensure optimum cleaning

Besides having a range of different cleaning methods at our disposal, we benefit from our team of skilled professionals. Each member of our staff has the training and experience to assess tile and grout issues, determine the source of the problem and find an effective solution. With such a skilled team at our disposal, you can count on us to provide the highest quality cleaning for your tiles.

Say Goodbye to Mold & Mildew Stains with Professional Bathroom Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning Services

While we have a range of different cleaning methods available, we specialize in our steam cleaning services. By heating steam to up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and rinsing your tiles with high pressure, we can boil away even the deepest stains while doing minimal damage to the tiles and grout. Steam also helps to loosen dirt particles, improving the overall appearance of your tiles.

Make Your Kitchen Tile, Backsplashes & Flooring Look Like New!

Through steam cleaning and other advanced methods, the X-Treme Steam team can eliminate the dirt, mold and other issues that block your tiles’ colors and designs. By the time we are finished, your flooring will look the same way it did when you first bought it! We provide the same services for backsplashes, kitchen counters and all other tiled surfaces. No matter where you have placed tiles in your home, we will have no trouble making them clean and beautiful again!

Protect Your New Tile & Grout with Professional Grout Sealing Services from X-Treme Steam

Not only does X-Treme Steam clean your tiles, but through advanced grout sealing, we minimize the chance that they will ever become dirty again! Our sealer is antimicrobial, meaning it kills bacteria upon contact. It also repels oil, water, spores and any other items that might damage your tiles and grout. With a coat of this sealant, you can keep your floor clean with little effort.

To request an estimate for professional grout and tile cleaning services, contact the team at X-Treme Steam today!
Love X-Treme Steam!! They came out and thoroughly cleaned our carpet, couches, cushions, and decorative pillows. I feel like everything is new again, I can't believe how great everything looks! As an added bonus, the products are all eco-friendly so I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals around the kids! - Katie A.* | Read More Testimonials play_circle_filled
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